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An Irish Christmas From the Inside Flap I still faulted myself with the fact that I had never been over the moon for Hal.... Id been the best wife I knew how to be and yet in my mind it was never enough. Never equal to what Hal poured out over me.... And with him gone now I felt even more like a failure--a phony. And I feared this shroud of guilt would follow me to my grave and perhaps even haunt me thereafter. Read more From the Back Cover A captivating story of love deception and secret passions A well-hidden secret has haunted Colleen for twenty years. Her husband made her promise she would never speak of it again but now hes gone and life seems so out of control. Will her fragile relationship with her adult son Jamie survive the truth shes hidden for so long? Jamie has a few secrets of his own--like his desire to pursue his music. But as with many things in his life it isnt going very well. Why doesnt he seem to fit in anywhere? When Jamie announces his plans to join the military Colleen decides its
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Christmas in Ireland
It is Christmas in July for a FB group I belong to. Our group read this month includes An Irish Christmas by Melody Carl
Not So Much a Christmas Story
About a year after Colleens husband dies she and her single adult son go off to Ireland where they both have something t
Not just for Christmas. A story of secrets and sharing.
It is 1963 and Colleen Fredericks life is disintegrating. President John F. Kennedy has been assassinated Hal her husban
Sharing Secrets
An Irish Christmas was a beautiful story of coming to terms with the choice that one makes in their lifetime.For Collen

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Medium Books of the Bible Poster. Size 18"x24". Sunday School. Christian Classroom. Bedroom. Nursery. Bible Wall Art. Everlasting Life Ink

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5 Christian books:the life and teaching of Jesus Christ/living Christ/the confessions/ Free shipping ET82402

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All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial - Watchtower Bible and Tract Societ - 1963 - Simplify Bible Study - Christian Living

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The Victory of Mary Christopher: A Story of To-Morrow - Harvey Reeves Calkins - Christianity - Christian Living - Bible Study

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Books of the Bible - Wall decal - Youth Room - Church - Colorful - vinyl decor - Children's church, Sunday School, Christian School RE3152

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The Home - Courtship, Marriage, and Children - A Bible Manual - 1972 - John R. Rice - Christianity - Christian Living - Understanding Faith

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Stunning faux pearl Bible, KJV. Old & New Testament, the cover is studded with white beads that look like pearls. Unique and beautiful gift

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Books of the Bible. Christian Wall Art. Sunday School Decor. Christian Decor. Church Wall Art. Bible Books. Scripture. Bible Book List Art

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Advanced Catechism for Higher Grades of Catholic Schools -1929 - 3rd Plenary Council Catechism - Religion - Bible Study - Christian Living

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The New Kind Of Love - Solution of the Love Problem - E. W. Kenyon - Faith in Action - Christian Living - Understand Christianity Bible Stud

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Esoteric Christianity or The Lesser Mysteries - Annie Besant - 1953 - Understand Bible Study - Christian Living - Christianity Theology

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Living in freedom Bible tabs- Double Sided and Laminated with Adhesive

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Large Books of the Bible Poster. Size 27"x39". Sunday School. Christian Classroom. Bible Learning. Bible Wall Art. Everlasting Life Ink

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Jesus the Teacher - Christian Living

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My Beloved is mine, and I am his, Song of Solomon biblical stampbook set; christian gift; wedding gift; religious farmhouse decor

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Antique 1894 Book The Churchman’s Manual Christian Instruction and Devotion

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God says you are Poster - black woman - Be kind Poster, Unframe Paper Poster, god, bible, Best Gifts Ever, wall decor, christian//17g4

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Books of the Bible. Sunday School and Homeschool Resources. Christian Activities. Bible Books. Scripture. Old Testament for Toddlers

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Healing of Persons - Paul Tournier - 1965 - Christianity and Healing - Christian Living - Understanding your Faith

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RADIATE Devotional Journal, Devotional, Bible Study, Prayer Journal, Discipleship, Spiritual Growth, Scripture, Book, Spiritual Journal

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The Surrendered Life: Bible Studies and Addresses on the Yielded Life - 1932 James McConkey - Christianity - Christian Living - Bible Study

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