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Gone Baby Gone A Novel Review Cheese Olamon a six-foot-two four-hundred-and-thirty-pound yellow-haired Scandinavian whod somehow arrived at the misconception he was black is telling his old grammar school friends Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro why they have to convince another mutual chum the gun dealer Bubba Rugowski that Cheese didnt try to have him killed. You let Bubba know Im clean when it comes to what happened to him. You want me alive. Okay? Without me that girl will be gone. Gone-gone. You understand? Gone baby gone. Of all the chilling completely credible scenes of sadness destruction and betrayal in Dennis Lehanes fourth and very possibly best book about Kenzie and Gennaro this moment stands out because it captures in a few pages the essence of Lehanes success.Private detectives Kenzie and Gennaro who live in the same working-class Dorchester neighborhood of Boston where they grew up have gone to visit drug dealer Cheese in prison because they think hes involved in the kidnapping of 4
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No Way Out!
A 4-year-old girl disappears without a trace from her Sagamore Street home in Dorchester. Amanda McCready’s mom had le
Gone Baby Gone is Dennis Lehanes dark and tension-filled crime thriller novel - one of the best hes written.
“Gone Baby Gone” is crime thriller novel written by Dennis Lehane. It is the fourth in a series of books about ficti
Cracking good tale
I agree with many other reviewers that this is the best of the Kenzie and Gennaro series. The themes covered- child abus

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