Tiffany Louis Comfort Tiffany 1848-1933 was one of the most original and influential designers and Americas leading proponent of Art Nouveau. Tiffany Studios founded in 1889 were well known for their use of sensuous organic and floral forms. This book features Tiffanys most beautiful stained glass vases and lamps whose distinctive designs and iridescent haunting colors have made them extremely popular and sought after the world over. Read more
AvailabilityIn Stock $4.42
Great pictures but not much else
The images in this book are great and it does feature a history of Tiffany. The book is organized by windows lamps bases
Great book but underwhelmed by the small size of the book.
Great book. Shame it is so small.
Four Stars
good reference book
great book
For stained glass afficianados this is a gem.

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