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Two-Bite Cupcakes From Booklist Multitalented chef-teacher-restaurateur Goren manages to satiate sweet tooths without the burden of major calories. She creates and bakes two-bite cupcakes well positioned to satisfy sweet longings. Even better than her more than 70 recipes hard to believe is her willingness to share her years of bakerdom. Who truly understands for instance that the reason to transfer cupcakes from tins to wire cooling racks is to avoid soggy bottoms? Or that to perfect the chemical interactions of ingredients demands that every item be exactly as described from heavy cream that contains 35 to 40 percent milk fat to pure unsalted butter no substitutions accepted? Once those fundamentals are explained Goren continues with the pièces de résistance separated into cupcakes with fillings toppings chocolate and savories and for special occasions. Combinations are unique and mouthwatering such as Oreo cookie strawberry surprise black forest and leek mushroom and thyme with goat-cheese frosting.
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Two Bite Cupcakes
I was a little dissappointed in the recipes in this cookbook and as a result havent really use any of the recipes in it.
Doesnt work.....
The book has some interesting ideas. I too find that the frostings dont work. I tried the Nutella cupcake and frostings
When i got this book I immidiately sat down with my boyfriend and took out pen and paper to take notes on which recipies
Great for cooks
Lots of good stuff in here

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