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Katy Grannan Model American From Publishers Weekly Starred Review. Posed with an apparently deliberate awkwardness in living rooms and bedrooms by rural roads and in the woods the models in Grannans photographs stare out with uniformly expressionless faces. But unlike the photos for fashion magazines that Grannan also occasionally shoots the subjects of these 75 portraits are no stylishly empty ciphers. Instead the photographs charged as they are with an underlying current of mystery dramatize the unbridgeable gap between subject and observer. In the first half of the book which covers roughly the period from 1998 to 2003 Grannans photos are shot inside the houses of her subjects and taken using only the most basic equipment. With a fetishistic fixation on cheap retro interiors these photos flirt with a porn chic look and are at times in danger of being suffocated by their own knowingness. When Grannan takes her photo shoots outdoors in the more recent work that forms the books second half something extraordinary
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One Star
missed two pages
Amazing Book! Lackluster delivery and Condition Service From Seller
The content of the book is EXCELLENT. Beautiful portraits and a MUST HAVE if youre interested in collecting any of Katy
beautiful photography but too much nudity
katys photography is beautiful and haunting but i would have loved to see less nudes and more portraits. her subjects ar
This features a collection of color and B W images of male and females in various stage of undress. Can be requested at

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