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After the Irish An Anthology of Poetic Translation Review This enjoyable anthology serves as a great starting point for further research on the relationship between Irish- and English-language lterary relationships in Ireland... Summing Up Highly Recommended. Choice “This impeccable scholarly collection of verse translations is both an affirmation of the value of turning from one language to another and a history of poetic sensibility of the last three hundred years. We have always privileged the original of any work which we should as the fount and being of inspiration. But this anthology makes an impressive case for the worth of translated poetry in its own right. Translations from the Irish invigorated English while championing the original language. Irish wrenched English from its comfortable moorings while English taught Irish that prosody could be loosened up. More important than all of this however is that this anthology is immensely enjoyable emphasizing that poetry is poetry in any language.” Alan Titley Read more About the Au
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