The Observers Year 366 Nights in the Universe The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series Review FROM THE REVIEWS IRISH ASTRONOMICAL JOURNALIf the amateur astronomer were to follow this yearly observing progression they would surely build up a good knowledge of the basic objects of interest throughout the year and in addition would enjoy a well-written explanation of concepts necessary for a full enjoyment of the night sky…Overall the book admirably achieves three purposes providing a basic year-long introduction to practical observing presenting a good fireside read and acting as a good source of reference. It should seriously be considered by amateur astronomers embarking on their first observing adventure.” NEW SCIENTISTThe book is beautifully written and bubbles with enthusiasm. Moore is a superb personal tutor and will convert a complete novice to skilled amateur astronomer within 12 months.” REVIEWS OF ASTRONOMICAL TOOLSThis volume is an interesting reading book to last for a few years for people with some interest in astronomy and things happening in the sky but not
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