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Readers Theatre for African American History From School Library Journal The selections here cover African-American history from before the slave trade to modern-day events. The format encourages shy youngsters as well as class clowns to participate. It improves reading skills and increases vocabulary while using cooperative learning. A preface offers suggestions for preparing performing and evaluating the scripts. For each script the authors include a number of possible extension activities background on the story ideas for projects and references to books for additional information. Some of the scripts have only a few characters and others could involve an entire classroom. Most of them are very short just a few pages. There are a few long speeches but most of the character parts are weighted equally. While the dialogue is usually clear some characters seem to just spew facts and dates which may be boring to some children. A useful purchase for any middle school library speech or drama classroom or classroom that studies histor
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Scripts need more action interaction i.e. drama!
The problem with the scripts is that there is no action. They are very dull...very didactic. The idea behind the book is
Save your money!
The plays are too wordy and lack entertainment value. This may be a good resource for teaching Black History but not for
Put your students and African American Leaders in the spotlight
Instead of just reading about famous African American leaders why not act out their lives. Youll love this resource.

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