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Buprenorphine Therapy of Opiate Addiction Forensic Science and Medicine Review Foreword by Albert D. Fraser This is a very useful and timely book in addiction medicine. . .This book details the use of buprenorphine with its risks and benefits. It draws extensively from available studies and literature which are listed very clearly in tables. Some of the appendixes are especially useful for quick references. This is a very useful and easy to read book. It details the use of buprenorphine therapy as an alternate to methadone treatment. It also details the analytical advances in testing for buprenorphines. The book describes buprenorphines pharmacology and current prescription practices in France. It also discusses the use of buprenorphine in various scenarios including in pregnant addicts and provides a source of knowledge for everyone working in addiction medicine.-Doodys Health Sciences Book Review Journal This is a further volume in the growing Forensic medicine and Science Series edited by Steve Karch. This impressive series embraces a range of forensic
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