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Slave My True Story Review Slave constitutes an act of tremendous courage. A solitary and profoundly moving voice emerging from the most silenced of quarters. -- Monica Ali author of Brick LaneHarrowing... Nazer describes being sold into servitude...a fate shared by more than 11 000 people each year in Sudan alone. -- People Magazineaaa story of the triumph of the human spirit against oppressing odds. -- KLIATT July 2005 Read more About the Author Mende Nazeris the author of the international bestselling autobiography Slavethat has touched millions of lives and called many to action. Her story has gone on to inspire the motion picture I Am Slave and the stage adaptation of her life Slave - A Question of Freedom.Damien Lewis is a lifelong dog lover and award-winning writer who spent twenty years reporting from war disaster and conflict zones for the BBC and other global news organizations. He is the bestselling author of more than twenty books many of which are being adapted into films or television series
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Fascinating Story!
Mende Nazer was born into the Karko tribe one of six Nuba tribes located in the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan. Mende Naz
Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.
I made the unfortunate mistake of buying this book used and I ended up receiving a copy that had been written in on many
A real hero
My wife and I read this book out loud to each other over the course of several evenings. What a heart-wrenching and infu
Slave My True Story
Slave by Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis recounts the life of a young Nuba woman from the mountains of Sudan. The book begi

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