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Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church Review The books 250 pages of carefully selected quotations from ancient and modern documents are wonderfully indexed by sources 25 pp. and by vigorous topics and inviting subtopics 165 pp. . For achieving peace there are so many connections either in place or waiting to be made. Rev. Philip C. Fischer S.J. Review for Religious 20050701 The new Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church released in March in the United States makes it unmistakably clear that the Church proposes something much more profound -- a vision of the human person and society rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ...the Compendium the first document of its kind...Its 12 chapters seek to cover the breadth of human experience through time Gods plan of love for humanity the Churchs mission and social doctrine the human person and human rights principles of the Churchs social doctrine the family the vital cell of society human work economic life the political community the international community safguarding the e
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Ambitious Needed and Probably Widely Unknown
The Compendium is an ambitious much needed admirable and probably widely unknown overview of the fundamental framework o
Divine direction for a fallen world
Humanity and governments since the beginning of time continue to fail to order their affairs in manner leading to a just
About me I spent many years in a seminary and had one class explicitly on Social Justice. I have read about 90 percent o
How to live with your fellow man...
The writings of the Catholic Church continue to amaze me with their beauty and depth of knowledge. Too often we react to

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Large Books of the Bible Poster. Size 27"x39". Sunday School. Christian Classroom. Bible Learning. Bible Wall Art. Everlasting Life Ink

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Burning Thirst: A Story of John Wesley - Formation of the Methodist Church - Christian Church - 1958 - Christian Living - Religion

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The Epistle to the Romans - David Brown - 1950 - Religion Study - Life of Christ - Bible Study - Christian Living - Christian Literature

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Medium Books of the Bible Poster. Size 18"x24". Sunday School. Christian Classroom. Bedroom. Nursery. Bible Wall Art. Everlasting Life Ink

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Guidebook for New Christians - George Sweeting - Christian Education - 1958 - Christian Living - Religion - Becoming a Christian / Church

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The Home - Courtship, Marriage, and Children - A Bible Manual - 1972 - John R. Rice - Christianity - Christian Living - Understanding Faith

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The Promise-Powered Life for Couples

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Jesus-Time Journal (for anyone)

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Esoteric Christianity or The Lesser Mysteries - Annie Besant - 1953 - Understand Bible Study - Christian Living - Christianity Theology

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Living in freedom Bible tabs- Double Sided and Laminated with Adhesive

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Eternal Life: A Historical Analysis of the Relation Between Christianity and Spiritualism - Albert Hyma - 1939 - Understand History

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Jesus the Teacher - Christian Living

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Books of the Bible. Christian Wall Art. Sunday School Decor. Christian Decor. Church Wall Art. Bible Books. Scripture. Bible Book List Art

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Advanced Catechism for Higher Grades of Catholic Schools -1929 - 3rd Plenary Council Catechism - Religion - Bible Study - Christian Living

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The Cross His Victory is our Victory - Ken Bright - 1980 - Faith in Action - Christian Living - Understand Christianity Bible Study

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Personalized NLT DEVOTIONAL BIBLE - Dancing in the Desert - Chris Tiegreen- Sienna Brown - Custom Bible - Engrave - Name Imprint

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31 Rays of Hope : A Month of Daily Devotionals | PDF Devotional Book | Inspirational Encouragement | Christian Living

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Bird's Eye Bible Study - Alexander Patterson - 1911 - Simplify Bible Study - Christian Living (A Busy Man's Bible -

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Keep A True Lent - Charles Fillmore - 1965 - Preparing for the Lent season / Easter

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The Truth About Easter - Worldwide Church of God - 1992 - Christian Living - Understanding Christianity

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