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Encyclopedia of Gun Control and Gun Rights From Library Journal Utter political science Lamar Univ. Campaign and Election Reform has written a comprehensive listing of the court cases personalities laws and groups involved in the regulation of guns. The book begins with an essay on the issues in the gun-control battle and a short guide to the court cases and groups involved placing them in the opposing camps. The entries which are balanced and well written include photographs and charts. Following each listing are titles or cases for further reading. Appendixes include state versions of the Second Amendment a table of state gun-control rules and a listing of organizations with interests in gun regulation or rights. Finally there is a chronology of significant events in firearms history such as major laws court cases and the Littleton CO shootings. For those seeking a reference work in the debate on firearms regulation this book would be a good choice. It does not work as an introduction to the subject however because the introductory essay while excellent does not provide a historical overview or tie into the entries. For research libraries.-Harry Charles Attorney-at-Law St. LouisCopyright 2000 Reed Business Information Inc. Read more Review This books fairness toward all shades of opinion recommend it for school academic and public libraries. - ChoiceThe entries are balanced and well written include photographs and charts….For those seeking a reference work in the debate on firearms regulation this book would be a good choice. - Library JournalThis will be a useful source for students as it provides a wealth of information is basically objective and is readily accessible in terms of ease-of-use and writing style….Recommended. - Book Report…this resource calls attention to diversity in the world and enhances an understanding of it….ethnic groups are set in boldface type making them easy to find….excellent index….A useful tool for reports and to foster greater ethnic awareness and sensitivity to the issues. - School Library Journal…provides helpful analysis for users who would otherwise have to research a variety of sources to gather the same information….The books introduction adds significant value by discussing topics such as enthnocentrism stereotyping ethnic politics indigenous rights movements immigration and assimilation. The index is very detailed allowing the user to locate as examples information on Croats in Sweden or Evangelical Christians in Kuwait. - Booklist Reference Books BulletinThe current title is a relatively inexpensive compromise between the two and is recommended for all libraries. - MultiCultural ReviewThe data and there is plenty of data is absorbed into prose descriptions which are refreshingly brief readable and well-presented with good sub-headings and use of bold type for group names. Overall the book is a masterly and orderly compilation with even the complexities of Russia and the USA resolved. - Library Review…a judicious and useful guide to the current controversy….Professor Utter does an excellent job getting at the specifics of the debate over gun regulation providing information on the key issues players and organizations as well as several recent high-profile shootings. The reader who spends time with this volume will be rewarded with a wealth of information. - H-Net Reviews…unbiased commentary on the laws court decisions and political turning points in the debate makes it a valuable resource….it clarifies more than it obscures which in these dark times is about the most you can ask for in a book about the right to bear arms. - LibertyA valuable source of the viewpoints and activities of organizations indivdiduals and governments U.S. and international involved in either gun rights or gun control….The text provides ample statistics. Cross-reference to related entries appear at ends of entries as do suggestions for further reading….Utter describes all views honestly and without judgmental language or labels. The best way to demonstrate the authors objectivity is that his personal position if he has one is impossible to discern….A comparable encyclopedic work could not be found. This work is strongly recommended for all libraries academic law public and junior and high school. - American Reference Books Annual Read more See all Editorial Reviews
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