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Case About Amy Health Society And Policy From the Publisher An inspirational and telling story about a familys struggle to get equal educational opportunity for their deaf daughter Read more About the Author For 25 years R. C. Smithwas a Senior Associate at MDC Inc. in Chapel Hill North Carolina a nonprofit organization dedicated to creative approaches for bettering the lives of disadvantaged people. Also a former columnist editor and reporter for several southern newspapers and a part-time journalism instructor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill he is now a freelance writer based in Jamestown. Read more
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i guess because im in it i should give it ...
i guess because im in it i should give it 5 stars but that was not the reason i did 5 stars... history how things where
Great Book about a Great Person
The Amy in this book is near and dear to my heart. And that is not because she shares the same name as me. Or that i fin

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