Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Prince and Other Stories Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Breese In Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Prince Sherlock Holmes is set four mysteries to solve. The title story is set in the university town of Cambridge and features the Crown Prince of Japan who apparently vanishes without trace from his rooms. As always Dr. Watson relates the stories and describes the events in his usual ripping style. Read more
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Well written grammatically terribly told stories.
This may have been written by a 14 year old which is to be commended because the writing is quite well done in style and
Dont waste your time
Ive read a lot of Holmes pastiches but never have I read one so completely amateurish and badly written. If zero stars w
Four poorly written tales
As mystery stories this book is insipid.As Sherlockiana it is absolute dreck.The authors chief claim to fame is as a per
Buy a coffee or tea and a treat instead...
These four stories were supposedly written by a 14 year old and while the vocabulary and style used are extraordinary fo

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