Phantom Ranch Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. A single fact sets Phantom Ranch apart from anywhere else on Earth. It lies deep in the Grand Canyon lost in a vast expanse of cliffs and gorges. To understand Phantom Ranch you have to come to terms with the immense scale of its setting. Phantom Ranch covers only fourteen acres within a national park extending for almost 2 000 square miles. A dot on the map would exaggerate its size. But a trip to the ranch puts the canyon into perspective. It takes days by river hours in the saddle or long miles on foot.Pools of shade collect beneath the cottonwood and sycamore trees and the hypnotic sound of flowing water carries on the still air. Packs fall to the ground with a thud riders stiffly dismount. You have reached the only place below the rim where you can take a shower find ice or sleep in a bed with clean sheets. A canyon oasis. For some its the perfect hideaway and for others a gateway to even more remote corners of the canyon. Rea
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A truly sublime place
Phantom Ranch is one of great places in the United States and so little-known. Located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Great nice book on Phantom Ranch!
As anyone knows whos been down to Phantom Ranch there are few books on this place. This is a nice book that gives you th
conveys the magic of the place
This is a beautiful booklet describing the natural and human history of a unique place. There is a good balance between

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