Soccer Memorabilia A Collectors Guide About the Author Graham Budd is a Deputy Director at Sothebys specialising in sporting memorabilia. In 1997 he wrote the highly successful Racing Art and Memorabilia also published by Philip Wilson. Read more
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Beautifully Crafted Antique R. Groves and Sons Hand Saw, Circa 1860's

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$425.00 $417.6 Higher

Antique Copper & Brass U.S. Navy Mark IV Mini Diving Helmet Sea Divers Helmet

$115.00 $107.6 Higher

Antique Nautical Brass Magnifier - Vintage Magnifying Glass on Wooden Stand - Maritime Marine Brass Magnifier - Antique Collectible Gift

$53.10 $45.7 Higher

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Antique L Woodworking Jointer Plane French wooden handplaner 57cm/22’’ Maker Aux Mines De SUEDE PARIS Blade Goldenberg 42 Collectible tools

$73.25 $65.85 Higher

Repurposed Antique Church Organ Stop, Drawer Knob

$16.00 $8.6 Higher

Set of 9 Antique Diminutive China Luster Diminutive Buttons Buttons 3/8 Inch Swing Buttons Craft Buttons Collectible Buttons

$3.50 $3.9 Lower

Harvey W. Peace Saw?, Rare Antique Handsaw, Tool Collector, FREE SHIPPING!!

$79.99 $72.59 Higher

Antique Enamel Button, Vintage Enamel Button, Collectible Enamel Button, Christmas Holly Button, Vintage Diminutive Button, Dimi Button

$8.99 $1.59 Higher

Vintage Rusty Soviet Padlock. Retro padlock with key. Old Barn Lock. Large Metal Antique padlock. Collectible Lock. Old Farmhouse Lock.

$12.99 $5.59 Higher

Antique Old Ornate Hollow Threaded Barrel Key

$17.95 $10.55 Higher

Antique wooden tool for picking herbs from 30s, Handmade, Primitive way of collecting herbs, Wooden instrument of the last century

$53.10 $45.7 Higher

Vintage Small Minature Padlock Brass Lock Sheel Special Seven Levers with Key It Works Home and Living B117

$34.00 $26.6 Higher

Antique Folding Key Clock Drawer Desk Cool Primitive Rustic Home and Living Home Improvement e1411

$28.00 $20.6 Higher

Antique Stanley #45 plane Collectible hand plane

$150.00 $142.6 Higher

Antique Yale Padlock No Key Antique Lock Vintage Padlock Yale & Towne Mfg. Co. Yale Antique Lock Vintage Locks Old Padlock

$19.99 $12.59 Higher

Antique rhinestone & diamante buttons set of 4 star shape 1 1/2 ins circa 1920 large 38 mm collectable buttons

$164.20 $156.8 Higher

antique padlock wedding lock metal padlock door steampunk parts collectible padlock farmhouse style metal parts love lock no key wedding

$13.96 $6.56 Higher

L S Starrett Co, Protractor Antique level Machinist Tool, Collectible Craft Supply, American Industrial, Precision Tool, Athol MASS

$17.99 $10.59 Higher

Two old treasure pots. Pair black vintage clay vases. Antique collectible Ceramic. Rustic Decor

$39.00 $31.6 Higher

Frozen Charlotte Dolls Altered Art Supplies Antique Dolls Rare Dolls Antiques And Collectibles Frozen Charlotte Dolls Art Dolls VINTAGE

$32.00 $24.6 Higher

Vintage brass lamp base - Authentic lamp - Antique metal lamp - Lamp decor - Lamp decoration - Light parts

$23.00 $15.6 Higher

Vintage keys. Keys steampunk. Skeleton keys. Steel keys. Metal antique keys. Collection of old keys

$22.00 $14.6 Higher

Antique Hand Drill, Vintage Carpenters Hand Drill, Sweep Enclosed Ratchet Brace, Old soviet drill, antique Collectible tools

$62.00 $54.6 Higher

Two old treasure pots. Pair vintage clay vases. Antique collectible Ceramic. Rustic Decor

$39.00 $31.6 Higher

Antique 1940's Semi Sheer 42" Wide Fabric Post WWII Sewing Collectible BTY Stunning Blue Pansy Floral Teal Aqua Turquoise Dresses Doll Craft

$17.90 $10.5 Higher

Vintage Cased Weights Antique Apothecary Jewellery Collectable

$26.00 $18.6 Higher

Vintage Postal Scale, Antique Concav Pendulum Scale, West Germany Letter Scale, Maul Postal Scale, Vintage Office Decor, Collectible

$40.22 $32.82 Higher

Antique Hand Vice Clamp. Antique Small Hand Vice Clamp. Antique Gripping Tool. Collectable Antique Hand Vise.

$19.16 $11.76 Higher

Antique Vintage Brass Bronze Table Top Wall Mount Picture Frame Scrolled Etched Raised Relief Rococo Victorian Style Collectable Home Decor

$75.65 $68.25 Higher

Antique brass nautical gimbal compass vintage binnacle gimballed compass gift

$32.00 $24.6 Higher