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Three About the Author TED DEKKER is known for novels that combine adrenaline-laced plot twists with the supernatural and the surreal. He is the best-selling author of multiple titles including Heavens Wager When Heaven Weeps Thunder of Heaven and the co-author of the best-selling series Blessed Child and A Man Called Blessed. Raised in the jungles of Indonesia Ted now lives with his family in the mountains of Colorado. Read more Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. 1Praise Friday Noon THE OFFICE had no windows only electric lanterns to light the hundreds of spines standing in their cherry wood bookcases. A single lawyer& 146 s lamp spread its yellow hue over the leather-topped desk. The room smelled of linseed oil and musty pages but to Dr. John Francis it was the scent of knowledge. Evil is beyond the reach of no man. But can a man remove himself beyond the reach of evil? Kevin asked. The dean of academic affairs Dr. John Francis gazed over bifocals at the man who sat opp
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This concept has been done before with better twists. I am a Christian and appreciate the ...
Disappointing compared to the circle series. I just never bought into the characters. This concept has been done before
Expectations were so high
But the reality is that this novel wasnt as great as all the reviews said. It was ok slightly creepy in parts but amazin
THR3E out of F1VE Stars
I had high hopes... it was okay. I say its predictable because the author plants the idea in your mind mid way through t
Mind-blowing and thrilling suspense with shallow and boring characters.
I received this book in the mail on a Thursday stayed up all night Thursday reading the first half. Friday night I staye

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The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren

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1800's 16 Volumes by Reverend Frederick Denison "F.D." Maurice, Religion Spirituality Christ Prayer Heaven etc.

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Mature: Alternative Sex! Be Who You Are. Observational Observations by an Observant Observer. Civil Rights. Sex Spirituality. LGBTQIA. Humor

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What I Have Lived By Charles Allen

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Classic Study of Magic, Ritual, Religion and Taboo

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SIGNED Mitch Albom "For One More Day"

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Vedanta Dictionary 1964 Ernest Wood

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The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune occult literature pagan literature occult studies witches must read out of print occult vintage book

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Disappointment With God By Philip Yancey

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1908 Ben Hur A Tale Of The Christ, Antique Book, Literary Fiction, English Literature, Movie Book, Religious Book, Antiquarian Book

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God Planted Five Seeds by Jean Dye Johnson

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The Wave of the Future A Confession of Faith, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1940 Stated Fourth Printing

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