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The Jesus Quest The Third Search for the Jew of Nazareth Review The closest we have to the part played almost 100 years ago by Albert Schweitzers classic The Quest for the Historical Jesus . . . a worthy guide through the intricate research maze now known as the third quest for the historical Jesus. Gary Habermas Themelios Read more From the Back Cover Now with a lengthy new postscript this widely praised book updates you on the continuing saga of the Third Quest for the historical Jesus. Read more See all Editorial Reviews
AvailabilityIn Stock $27.46
Fairly comprehensive overview as of 1995
This book is a little dated and a bit dry but it is a really good overview of the 3rd Quest for the Historical Jesus. Th
Very Helpful Survey
The Jesus Quest was written by New Testament scholar Ben Witherington III. Witherington is quite conservative in his con
Good Evaluation of Quests for Historical Jesus
Witherington writes with clarity and insight about recent books on the search for the historical Jesus. Covers most impo
Witherington is a first rate researcher
Witherington does an excellent job of reviewing the first two searches before diving into the newest search. He delivers

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