Dreyfus Politics Emotion and the Scandal of the Century From Publishers Weekly Harris Lourdes revisits that notorious miscarriage of justice the Dreyfus affair. Alfred Dreyfus a dedicated Jewish French army captain was convicted of spying for Germany based on flimsy and fabricated evidence and sentenced in 1895 to life on remote Devils Island. Utilizing private correspondence and archives Harris trains her gaze on several key players Lucie Dreyfus who changed from modest wife and devoted mother into an unremitting fighter for her husbands release Dreyfuss chief polemicist EÌ ümile Zola charged with libel for his confrontational writings during the affair was equally reckless in Harriss word creating a secret second family with his maid and Col. Georges Picquart who while in charge of the Dreyfus investigation discovered the real culprit. Despite his dislike of Jews Picquart defied his superiors to free Dreyfus for his efforts he was himself imprisoned on trumped-up charges. While detailing how many on the political and religious right
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Just wasnt exactly what I was looking for
Not nearly as interesting as I thought it would be but then everything isnt great some books are just too I dont know ma
Four Stars
Very interesting read
Excellent history of a famous 1890s French army spy case.
Read Robert Harris novel & 34 An Officer and a Spy& 34 based on the Dreyfus case and looked for a non-fiction account. T
Familiar story new approach
Im amazed that there are so few reviews for this fascinating book. I think its because everybody thinks he knows the sto

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