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In a Heartbeat From Booklist Ellsworth’s dual narrative explores the large and small ways medical technology forever intertwines the lives of two strangers. When 16-year-old Eagan a figure skater with her sights on the Olympics dies in a fall on the ice 14-year-old Amelia receives the heart transplant that she and her family have been desperately awaiting. Trapped in a foggy limbo Eagan must relive the defining moments of her painfully short existence before she can cross over to the hereafter. In alternating chapters Amelia grapples with conflicting feelings over her new heart and inexplicable changes in her post-op personality drive her to seek out her anonymous donor’s family for answers. Ellsworth’s dramatic story of loss and second chances is deftly tempered by its candid teen narration and light touches of mystery and romance making it a highly satisfying read especially for fans of the novels of Lurlene McDaniel and the recent Cold Hands Warm Heart 2009 by Jill Wolfson. Grades 8-12. --Kristen McKulski Read more About the Author Loretta Ellsworth is the author of two novels for young readers both published by Henry Holt. THE SHROUDING WOMAN was named to the 2003 Amelia Bloomer Project List was a CCBC Choice and a 2005 Rebecca Caudill Nominee. IN SEARCH OF MOCKINGBIRD was nominated for Best Books for Young Adults Teens Top Ten was a Midwest Booksellers spring summer pick and won the 2007 Midwest Booksellers Choice Award Honor Book for Childrens Literature. It was also picked up by the Book-of-the-Month Club was named to the 2008-09 Tayshas Texas List is on the 2008 New York Library List of Teenage Books and is a 2008 Notable Childrens Book in Language p Read more
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Bittersweet Inspiring and Compelling
At first I wasnt sure how I would like this book. I bought it on sale from the Kindle store and forgot about it for mont
Touching the heart
In a heartbeat. Many of us do not think much of our hearts. We think do not think of our lives without it but what if we
In a heartbeat
This was a very unique book told in the multiple viewpoints of Amelia a girl in need of heart surgery and Eagan a girl w
Quirky and Unexpected
Im a nurse and have worked with transplant patients in the past so I thought I knew what I was going to get with this no

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