Running with Joy My Daily Journey to the Marathon Review I truly enjoyed reading Ryan Halls account of his quest to reach the top level of international sports most competitive event&mdash the Marathon! Ryans goal of competitive athletic excellence at the 114th Boston marathon was reached...but the getting there is the story so few understand. That and Ryans unique ability to aim high while exemplifying the best of American athletics what it means to be a giving person and a spiritual person is truly special and his story worth reading by anyone who values these qualities. A unique book by a true American Champion! &mdash Bill Rodgers Multiple World Marathon ChampionRunning with Joy is a great read.Part devotional and part training log Ryan records with such transparency the path to finding real joy as he has lived out his unique and challenging life. I was encouraged by the way he matched his intense work ethic with the desire to release it all in order to meet God in every situation. I think he has something to say to all of us and
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A wonderful book with limited appeal
Ryan Hall is a Christian and a world-class American distance runner. He is the first American to go under one hour in th
So Much God Stuff
Im a practicing Christian but as an Aussie Im not used to running books filled with God. It got to the point where I sai
Maybe even four and a half stars...
I really liked this book. It was nice following the path of an elite athlete as he makes his way towards a peak marathon
The real Ryan Hall--a great guy
This is a quick and enjoyable journey with Ryan Hall during his training for the 2010 Boston Marathon. After reading the

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