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Heartland New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Brandewyne now returns to the popular Western setting of Love Cherish Me and The Outlaw Hearts with a fiery new novel about the passion between a lonely straitlaced beautiful woman and a haughty dangerously handsome gunslinger. Read more
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I enjoyed this book but it didnt get me the way that most of her books do but I would still call it a must read. Connie
Slade and Rachel-A Match Made In Heaven
When Slade and Rachel first meet they really rub each other the wrong way. He thinks shes a shrew and she knows hes a gu
like all of Rebecca Brandewynes novels this was a great ...
like all of Rebecca Brandewynes novels this was a great story. Iam disappointed that more of her books are not available
A Story From the Heart
I always look forward to reading Rebecca Brandewynes books because they have the ingredients which make for a good roman

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