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Rethinking the Korean War A New Diplomatic and Strategic History Review Stueck provides a cogent summary of the current scholarship a clear explanation of his own views and thought-provoking arguments that will stimulate further debate and research. In the process Stueck sets forth a systematic and coherent overview of the background to the war the major military operations the long process pf the Truce Talks and the consequences of the war. Thus his book can also be read with profit as an introductory text and a basis for further reading.---Colonel Donald W. Boose Jr. Parameters Us Army War College QuaterlyWilliam Stueck established himself as one of the leading historians of the early Cold War with the publication of The Korean War An International History. . . . The relevance of Rethinking the Korean War for current affairs arises from Stuecks persuasive account of both the importance of U.S. leadership in the world and the limits on its options. All Americans not just scholars could benefit from the lessons that this book offers. It points the w
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Arrived quickly well priced and met my expectations - thank you. Apparently this was not enough words but although this
Strategic analysis
This was an extremely insightful look at the strategic and diplomatic calculus that led to the US involvement in Korea.
Must Read
Anyone who has more than 3 books about the Korean War should have this one.

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