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The Fifth Child Review The married couple in this novel pull off a remarkable achievement They purchase a three-story house with oodles of bedrooms and on a middle-class income in the 70s fill it to the brim with happy children and visiting relatives. Their holiday gatherings are sumptuous celebrations of life and togetherness. And then the fifth child arrives. Hes just a child--hes not supernatural. But is he really human? This is an elegantly written tale that the New York Times called a horror story of maternity and the nightmare of social collapse . . . a moral fable of the genre that includes Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and George Orwells 1984. Read more From Publishers Weekly A smug conservative couples fifth child after four model children inspires fear and horror. The implications of this slim gripping work are ominous wrote PW. Lessing indicts those in authority who refuse to acknowledge responsibility for the violence inherent in mankind. Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information In
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A Horror Story That Plays With Your Psyche
This is a horror story. And its the most chilling goosebump-inducing kind. There is no blood. No gore. No killers lurkin
A dark tale
This story borders on horror genre or maybe fantasy though in my opinion its not quite there because the child is just i
She should have stopped at four...
This book gave me the creeps. A friend told me it was science fiction - I prefer to think of it as a gothic horror story
the sad story of a child born who is unlike everyone else. His self centered unrealistic parents. For me the book was mo

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