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Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust From School Library Journal Grade 6 Up-Lee provides an overview that broadens the story that Anne Frank started in her diary. She details the girls life before her family went into hiding and places Anne in context with other persecuted children and their attempts to survive. With chapter heads that quote from Annes diary and 19 archival photos the text reveals a girl who loved her friends celebrating birthdays and being the center of attention. Lee succeeds at illuminating the lives of individuals who once had hopes and dreams&hellip like us including those who tried to help those who resisted and ultimately those who perished. The inevitable question of why it happened is addressed in a quote from a former neighbor of the Franks &hellip we were so scared. We thought if we do the things that are demanded of us well be all right&hellip .We thought if we wear the star if we obey the curfew if we do everything nothing will happen to us. This type of information considers the questions th
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It contained such clear details of the painful memories. It revealed a Anne that was different ...
It was very well written. Mr. Frank was the only one of Annes family to survive. Anne left a legacy to him which was her
Nice Addition to Anne Frank Library
Carol Ann Lee has made a bit of a career writing books on Anne Frank and the Frank family. As someone who considers hims
GREAT Book! I only ordered it because I had ...
GREAT Book! I only ordered it because I had read Annes friends Jacqueline Van Maarsens book & 34 A Friend Called Anne &
Purchased this book twice and would do it again
My daughter absolutely loves this book! I bought it for her years ago and she read it many times. Unfortunately it must

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