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Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingent Risks International Series on Actuarial Science Review Endorsement Official reading for SOA Exam MLC in 2012 download free supplementary notes from the Resources tab below Read more Book Description A modern perspective on life contingencies that uses the powerful framework of multiple state models to develop and demonstrate a theory that can be adapted to changing products and technologies. Balancing rigor and intuition and emphasizing applications this modern text is ideal for university courses and actuarial exam preparation. Read more See all Editorial Reviews
AvailabilityIn Stock $24.99
Extremely Well-Written Textbook
I absolutely love this textbook it is probably my favorite. I have a bachelors degree in mathematics and have read many
Excellent Treatise Regardless of Experience Level
This is an excellent must-have addition to the library of any aspiring actuary. Topics from elementary survival models t
Kindle version an unreadable mess
This refers only to the Kindle version. Im sure its a great softcover or hardcover book but the Kindle version is unread
Five Stars
Great book for aspiring actuaries!

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