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Physical Therapy of Cerebral Palsy Review From the reviews This book was written by an orthopedic surgeon and the contents is broad covering the etiology and overall medical management of cerebral palsy with the longest chapter devoted to gait. … In addition there are quizzes to test the reader’s knowledge. This is a wonderful teaching tool. … This is valuable for all clinicians … . this book will be useful for physicians who are new to the area of cerebral palsy … . Eileen Fowler Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. 298 20 2007 p Read more From the Back Cover This well-crafted text discusses the theory and techniques used by physical and occupational therapists and is a derivative of Dr. Millers highly regarded reference Cerebral Palsy. The book is conveniently divided into two sections. The first focuses on fundamental aspects of cerebral palsy management from understanding motor impairment to evaluating equipment use. The second section presents specific rehabilitation techniques including neurodevelopmen
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Excellent reference for CP Physical Therapy
This book has almost everything except specific details on therapeutic techniques that a pediatric PT working with CP ne

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