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Eve A Novel of the First Woman From Publishers Weekly Elliott reimagines the story of Adam and Eve in a debut novel that richly evokes earliest biblical times. The story is told from the points of view of Eve and her daughters Naava the beautiful weaver Aya the quick-witted club-footed cook and Dara the compassionate observant twin. Eve recounts the fall and how she and Adam wander until settling down to grow crops raise livestock and start a garden of their own. Elliott offers readers vivid details about the first childbirth the first intercourse the first recriminations the first environmental calamity and the first hunt but the novel really comes alive when it departs from lushly imagined retelling and thrusts the family into unfamiliar territory when the brood encounters a city and city people. Elliott is at her imaginative and linguistic best describing city life customs and architecture building tension as Naava falls for a prince fueling Cains wrath. Elliott makes biblical fiction her own with a female perspe
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Blasphemy in the Garden
I quit reading halfway through and hope to save other Christians and Jews from picking this trash up. It is NOT Biblical
A Historical fiction novel of Biblical proportions that weighs heavily on the heart.
The story of Adam and Eve harks back to the very beginning of time. Elohim created Adam and Eve in his image. They were
enjoyable biblical biographical fiction
Eve and Adam love their life in the Garden of Eden. However paradise is lost when Eve seduced by Lucifer as much as by h

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