The Sound of Language A Novel From Publishers Weekly Cold wet Denmark is a strange land to Raihana the widowed Afghan refugee at the center of Malladis well-intentioned but wooden fifth novel. After her husband is killed by the Taliban Raihana moves to Denmark enrolls in language school and with the help of a supportive teacher lands an unusual apprenticeship helping Gunnar a Danish widower and beekeeper harvest his honey. Though their relationship is initially strained Raihana and Gunnar soon develop a restorative friendship but the road to redemption is not easy Raihana feels pressure within the Afghan community to remarry and the idea of an Afghan woman working alone with a Danish man soon has both their communities in a tizzy. Meanwhile racial violence simmers day-to-day. Unfortunately Malladis treatment of cultural tension is one-dimensional at best most of the supporting characters are xenophobic if not flat-out racist and their actions play into an overarching philosophy that expounds the benefits of tolerance and multiculturalism. Malladi means well but her parable-like treatment of complex issues is too pat to resonate. Copyright Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Read more Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. OneEntry from Anna& 8217 s Diary A Year of Keeping Bees15 March 1980When we first decided to become hobby beekeepers it was because our friend Ole had been doing it for a very long time and seemed to find a lot of solace in the rituals and responsibility. But I had some doubts.The wings of honeybees stroke about 11 400 times per minute& 8212 hence the distinctive buzz. I wondered about the buzzing of the bees. I was sure that constant hum would drive me crazy. But now after a few seasons the buzz of the bees is like a soothing rhythm almost like a song the song of spring.Skive Denmark& 8212 January 2002Bzzzzzz that was how she thought it sounded.Bzzzzzz like the buzzing of a thousand bees.The same sound she used to hear when she visited her uncle Chacha Bashir in Baharak. He had been one of the wealthiest men in town with his silk and bee farm. Silk and honey he would say & 8220 The riches of the kings are mine.& 8221 Then the Taliban killed him and no one knew what happened to his family.That was how the Danish language sounded to Raihana like the buzzing of Chacha Bashir& 8217 s bees.The Danes mumbled she thought as she watched them in supermarkets on television and on the streets. She had never seen so many white people before and this was the first time she was seeing white people at such close proximity. So she stared at them she just couldn& 8217 t help it.They were different from what she had imagined. They were not all tall and fair and beautiful some of them were short and ugly. And they mumbled when they spoke. The standing joke Layla had told her was that they spoke like they had hot potatoes in their mouths and Raihana agreed.She had escaped a second brutally cold winter at the Jalozai refugee camp in North Western Pakistan when the Danish government offered her asylum. It was difficult for a single woman with no family no husband and no education to survive. Her choices had been limited. She could either die in a refugee camp where the cold wind from the mountains pierced its frozen fingers through the tents to all but peel the skin off the bones or she could go to this country where her distant cousin and his wife had agreed to give her a home.A part of her didn& 8217 t want to leave the camp. She had to wait she thought wait for Aamir or maybe go back and look for him? But even she wasn& 8217 t foolish enough to go back to Kabul. Everyone knew that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the plane attacks in America and everyone knew that the Taliban were the same species as al- Qaeda. America would attack that& 8217 s what powerful countries did. The Taliban would fight back they said and though the Afghans in Denmark like many others didn& 8217 t like the idea of American troops on Afghan soil it was better than the Taliban. Some thought the Taliban had been unjustly rousted out of power that they were the good guys.So Raihana joined the small number of refugees living in Denmark all of whom watched the news with desperation wondering when they could go back. Afghanistan they knew would be a war ruin for several decades to come but there was still hope. They wished that somehow Afghanistan would no longer be synonymous with tortured men and women living in penury. Maybe things would change and Afghanistan would become a safe haven a progressive country a normal country.& 8220 Have to go home someday can& 8217 t live here all our life can we?& 8221 Kabir would say almost every day. & 8220 Don& 8217 t unpack everything Raihana we& 8217 ll go back soon.& 8221 & 8220 Go back to what?& 8221 Layla would ask her husband her hands on her hips as her son Shahrukh pulled at her salwar.& 8220 Mor slik & 8221 he said pleading with his mother to give him candy which she had strict rules about not giving to him.& 8220 Look at him hai Shahrukh it is not Mor it is Ammi say Ammi & 8221 Kabir said as he always did but Shahrukh never took him seriously. & 8220 Mor is some Danish woman not Layla she is Ammi. Now say Ammi.& 8221 & 8220 Leave him alone he& 8217 s just two & 8221 Layla said. & 8220 And he& 8217 s calling me mother not some evil name. All his friends call their mothers Mor so he calls me Mor.& 8221 Raihana watched the young couple battle about going back about staying. She had been scared when the people from the Danish immigration told her that Kabir wanted her to live with him. She remembered Kabir from her childhood a long time ago. He was her mother& 8217 s sister& 8217 s husband& 8217 s brother& 8217 s son. The families had not been close only meeting at weddings and celebrations. Kabir& 8217 s family had lived in Kabul while hers settled in a village outside Kabul. But he was the only one who had offered her a chance to leave the refugee camp and she had taken it. She hadn& 8217 t had much of a choice. The rumor was that Aamir had died in a Taliban prison but a part of her never believed it. However she knew she had to leave Pakistan because whether she liked it or not there was a good chance the rumor about Aamir was true.But she wished& 8212 wished until she went mad with it& 8212 that he was alive. She wished they had been able to leave together. She wished she wasn& 8217 t alone and cold because even though Kabul had been hell she& 8217 d had someone to share it with someone to keep her warm. But in the refugee camp in Pakistan there was emptiness insecurity threats from other men and fear.It had been a stroke of luck that when she rattled out the names of relatives and where she thought they lived she had named Kabir. The others had not panned out maybe they couldn& 8217 t be found or maybe they hadn& 8217 t wanted her she didn& 8217 t know. What she did know was that Kabir and Layla had welcomed her with open arms and that was a debt she would never be able to repay.As she sat at the dining table chopping carrots for the Kabuli pilau she was making for dinner Raihana was grateful for the turn her life had taken after she& 8217 d moved to Denmark. When she& 8217 d first come to Skive nine months before she had been worried that Kabir would be a religious type. She didn& 8217 t intend to wear a hijab or an abaya not after having left Afghanistan and the rules of the Taliban so far behind.Kabir hadn& 8217 t asked her to wear a hijab and neither had Layla who never went out without donning one herself in addition to an abaya. Kabir who drank merrily on Friday nights to celebrate the weekend didn& 8217 t ask his wife to get rid of her hijab and she didn& 8217 t ask him to stop drinking.& 8220 Islam says smoking and drinking is wrong & 8221 Layla told Raihana on one of the Friday nights when Kabir was out of the house. & 8220 What do you think?& 8221 Raihana didn& 8217 t know what to say about things like this. She believed that people should do what they wanted but knew that was not what Layla wanted to hear.& 8220 I think it is wrong & 8221 Layla said before Raihana could answer. It wasn& 8217 t like Raihana was talkative and she didn& 8217 t always respond to people. Layla had met women like her men too people who had scars so big hidden under their skin that they were really one big wound. She didn& 8217 t know the details about Raihana& 8217 s life in Afghanistan but no one knew the details. Raihana wasn& 8217 t talking and her past was not well known.When Raihana had first arrived Khala Soofia who lived next door had tried to get Raihana to talk about her past about her life in Kabul the dead husband but Raihana didn& 8217 t say anything. Khala Soofia had come to Denmark in the early 1990s. Her husband had been a doctor in Jalalabad. Her son had died of cancer and her daughter had moved to America with her husband also a doctor and their children. Soofia talked about moving there all the time.Soofia& 8217 s husband Dr. Sidiq Rehman had spent several years when he first came to Denmark petitioning the Danish integration minister and the Danish Medical Association and writing letters to EU Parliament members that he should be allowed to work in Denmark without having to go to medical school again. He understood that he had to learn Danish which he had done by diligently going to language school.Now he& 8217 d stopped the petitions and the letters. He didn& 8217 t come out of his house much. He was depressed they said because he couldn& 8217 t practice medicine. Still everyone called him Doctor Chacha. While Doctor Chacha silently mourned the loss of his life& 8217 s work Soofia kept hoping that her daughter would send for her. & 8220 Visa problems & 8221 she always said. & 8220 But it will happen soon. You know daughters they need their mothers.& 8221 Everyone nodded patiently and no one pointed out that Soofia& 8217 s daughter rarely wrote and when she did the letters were filled with excuses as to why she couldn& 8217 t find the means to bring her parents to America. Soofia read out the letters to whoever would listen and would try to put a positive spin on her daughter& 8217 s excuses.& 8220 You are just like my daughter my Deena & 8221 Soofia told Raihana when they met at a birthday party. Habib and Jameela were celebrating their son& 8217 s first birthday and had invited all the Afghans in Skive for a party. It had been a tumultuous first year for the boy who had been born with heart problems but after two surgeries he seemed fine and the doctors predicted he would have no further problems.Raihana was barely paying attention to Soofia who talked constantly either about her daughter or about local Afghan community gossip. But soon enough Soofia got to Raihana.& 8220 So where is your husband?& 8221 she asked.Raihana was not stupid. She knew people were curious.& 8220 Dead & 8221 she said quietly and then tried to change the subject by asking Soofia about her gold bangles. Soofia was easily distracted especially when someone talked about her jewelry or her clothes. She had brought along her things from Jalalabad. She& 8217 d had the time. She had not been rushed to save her life. She had not had to escape after seeing a bloodbath running and hiding through plains and mountains to enter another hell in a refugee camp in Pakistan.& 8220 Dead? How?& 8221 Soofia asked and Raihana just smiled and shrugged. & 8220 You have to talk if you keep it bottled in . . . talk tell us. We& 8217 re your family now & 8221 Soofia insisted but Raihana didn& 8217 t have the words. She was considered strange by most a little too quiet. She had obviously been through some unspeakable tragedy they all sensed. When she talked about going back to Kabul it just confirmed their suspicions.& 8220 From Iran it is easier to get into Afghanistan & 8221 Walid Ali Khan told her as he sipped tea from Layla& 8217 s prized teacups.Walid Ali Khan and Zohra were Kabir and Layla& 8217 s closest friends and they visited them often for lunch on the weekends and then stayed through dinner and past their children& 8217 s bedtime.Walid and Zohra had come to Denmark six years ago with one child. Between maternity leaves and giving birth to two children Zohra still went to language school while Walid worked at the supermarket Kvickly.& 8220 But now is not a good time to go. You know how the Americans are bombing from Kabul to Kandahar and everything in between?& 8221 Walid said shaking his head. Read more
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A tale of two peoples
I very much enjoyed this book about the dynamics of the interplay between Afghani refugees and the host population of De
Native and Immigrant alike read this
This is one of the best books Ive read in a year.Read it months ago and still thinking about this story.Wishing that so
I really enjoyed this story because by coincedense I was hosting a ...
I really enjoyed this story because by coincedense I was hosting a Danish guest. I also liked the mesh of beekeeping lan
A wonderful story about refugees from Afghanistan escaping the Taliban
A wonderful story about refugees from Afghanistan escaping the Taliban who are granted asylum in Denmark. The Danes give

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