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The Anatomist A True Story of Grays Anatomy From Publishers Weekly At 150 years old Grays Anatomy still sets the standard in medical textbooks yet little has been written about its author Henry Gray. Even less celebrated is Henry Carter the illustrator who brought Grays groundbreaking anatomy text to life. Hayes Sleep Demons An Insomniacs Memoir explores the lives of these two men balancing biographical chapters with his own experience in the anatomy classroom dissecting cadavers and marveling at each new discovery with prose both lucid and arrestingly beautiful Like a pomegranate whose leathery rind belies its jewel box interior the kidney is spectacular inside. From Carters diary entries Hayes recreates an era when medical advances were rapidly changing the way people lived as well as challenging religious dogma and people turned to science in hopes of reconciling the two. Hayes finds emotional resonance in Carters longing for a job that would matter as well as in his internal conflicts as a Protestant Dissenter and his fear of professing his despised beliefs in public. As Hayes relates his own growing wonder and respect for anatomy one feels the echo of Carter and Grays devotion as they worked to create what one historian called an affordable accurate teaching aid. Hayes pays eloquent tribute to two masterpieces the human body and the book detailing it. Dec. 26 Copyright Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Read more From The New Yorker Hayes’s history of the illustrated medical text Gray’s Anatomy coincides with the hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of its first publication. Fascinated by the fact that little was known about the famous book’s genesis Hayes combed through nineteenth-century letters and medical-school records learning that besides Henry Gray the brilliant scholar and surgeon who wrote the text another anatomist was crucial to the book’s popularity Henry Vandyke Carter who provided its painstaking drawings. Hayes moves nimbly between the dour streets of Victorian London where Gray and Carter trained at St. George’s Hospital and the sunnier classrooms of a West Coast university filled with athletic physical therapists in training where he enrolls in anatomy classes and discovers that when done well dissection is very pleasing aesthetically. Copyright 2007 Click here to subscribe to The New Yorker Read more See all Editorial Reviews
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A bit disappointed.
I got to about page 70 in this book before giving up. It was quite informative just not informative on Henry Gray or Hen
Worth the read
Bill Hayes has a wonderful way of helping science come alive. Have studied Greys Anatomy so I was curious. Never paid at
Too much information
I enjoyed most of this very interesting book. I loved how the author weaved his current classes with the past. I just wi
Fun and Fascinating
This is such a fun & fascinating read! The author weaves his research into the lives of Henry Gray and HV Carter with hi

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