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The Red Hot Typewriter The Life and Times of John D. MacDonald From Library Journal Floridians and snow birds who arent already fans of the writing of John D. MacDonald will race to the shelves for his works after reading this fascinating history of the man who has been called a very good writer not just a good mystery writer. Drawing on extensive research Merrill Univ. of West Florida offers a succinct biography of the man who invented Travis McGee. Readers learn of MacDonalds early works published as paperbacks at a time when the government was attempting to label all paperbacks as pornography MacDonalds respect for the untarnished environment of Florida and his life as an active member of a Sarasota writers group that met for loud storytelling serious drinking and sometimes heated rounds of liars poker. Through letters to such well-recognized people as Stephen King Elmore Leonard and Dan Rowan readers get a glimpse of how Travis McGee developed and how MacDonald after putting his character in movies and on television decided that McGee was boun
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Tasty but not Satisfying
As an avid fan of John D. MacDonalds work I devoured this book in just a few lengthy sittings. I found it interesting an
Mixed bag biography
This biography lays out the basic facts of the life of American crime writer John D. MacDonald. MacDonalds career includ
Red Hot Typewriter
I had not heard of John D. MacDonald until I read a column in the Los Angeles Times by Jack Smith writing about his vaca
Exceeded My Modest Expectations
I wasnt expecting too much from this biography I bought the Kindle version of one of my favorite writers John D. MacDona

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