Accounting for Value Columbia Business School Publishing Review Penmans book...contains gems on every page – to the point that no one who deals with the market in any capacity should pass by this text until they have committed to memory as many points therein as their limited mark one human brains can hold. Anthony Harrington QFinance Blog I highly recommend the essential and fundamentals oriented book Accounting for Value by Stephen Penman to anyone who is serious about investing in sound fundamental stocks. This book will benefit the beginning or experienced investor accountants and anyone interested in the coupling of accounting with equity valuation. Blog Business World For a practical book that will help you understand the use of accounting in understanding stock valuation Accounting for Value is the resource you are looking for you. Stocker Blog Read more About the Author Stephen Penman is George O. May Professor of Accounting and Morgan Stanley Research Scholar at the Columbia Business School. He is the author of Financial Statement A
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Too Theoretical
This seems to be a book written by someone with a strong academic pedigree who has read Benjamin Grahams books but has n
Some good points about earnings and balance sheets
Some good points about earnings and balance sheets I just wish the author did not throw the cash-flow statements down th
An interesting complement to the finance valuation perspective
This is an interesting complement toValuation Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies 5th Edition Wiley Finance wh
Value Investor must-read to supplement Graham-Dodd at more elemental level
Readers will appreciate Penman’s mantra of understanding what you know and separating it from speculation. Really a gr

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