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Camelots Shadow A stunning tale of romance and magic set against the legendary backdrop of King Arthurs court. At nineteen the beautiful Lady Rhian is clearly of marriageable age. But her father seems reluctant to give his blessing to any of her suitors. When she discovers the true reason for this - that in return for her mothers life he promised her to a sorcerer - she runs away to join a convent. The sorcerer Euberacon is determined to exact his payment and waylays Rhian on the road but she is rescued by the valiant Sir Gawain a knight of King Arthurs Round Table who gallantly offers to escort Rhian to Camelot. Gawain has grave tidings to bring to Arthur - the Saxons are growing restless and the threat of war looms. He has taken a great risk in stopping to help Rhian. But when a band of Saxons attacks them Rhian proves that her skills include more than tapestry and gossip - and Gawain will be captivated as much by her bravery as by her beauty. Read more
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Great novel for those interested in by-gone days
i absolutely loved the series. I picked this copy while in transit in Londons Heathrow Airport. I gave my original copy
Great story
I enjoy Arthurian legend and fantasy in general. I liked the introduction of new elements in this story with a romance f
Excellent trilogy of books to read
Really enjoyed reading the book I had hard copies of the other two books in the trilogy. Everything flowed through well.

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