How To Make Yourself Happy Review ...user-friendly guide offers simple ways and practical wisdom from real-life cases. &mdash Book Browsing June 2000Dr. Albert Ellis uses clear and concise language to distinguish what readers may think vs. what is the heart of their difficulties and how to overcome them. &mdash Today& 39 s Librarian June 2000andldquot Dr. Albert Ellis is a recognized expert in the field of rational emotive behavior therapy which concentrates on changing behaviors by replacing irrational beliefs with rational ones. HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY...offers readers practical guidance for achieving happy and satisfying lives. Dr. Ellis is convinced that people have the ability to change their lives through the choices they make. He says you can & 39 learn to change your thoughts feelings and actions and thereby reduce your emotional distress.& 39 Ellis teaches readers how to recognize...unreasonable feelings and convert them to healthy emotions. Readers wishing to ease their emotional distress will find
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A good self-help book
This book has a lot of common sense views on life and what to do. A good self-help book.
Life-changing! Ellis gives concrete techniques to alter maladaptive thought patterns and cope with difficulties with muc
Five Star Book!
Excellent book my therapist recommended. It gets straight to the point and no coddling to excuses which is exactly what
A great purchase. Am bipolar and currently in a depressing ...
A great purchase. Am bipolar and currently in a depressing state. Im finding this book so helpful in finding my way back

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