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AUDIOLOGY Diagnosis Review Comprehensive...The authors have undertaken the Herculean task of an all-encompassing book for the practice of audiology and...they have succeeded...highlighted boxes...include pearls special considerations pitfalls and controversial points bringing to light areas of concern and consideration...Outlines at the beginning of each chapter allow the reader to quickly assess the areas covered. New approaches of treatment and care have been added in several areas such as vestibular disorders universal newborn hearing screening and genetics...extremely useful...The figures and illustrations are clear and concise expanding on the written material. There is a full-color picture section married in the center of the book which is of the most medically based texts on audiology this reviewer has excellent reference for the practicing audiologist otologist neurotologist and otolaryngologist as well as those studying the field of audiology.--Otology & Neurotology p Re
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Useful tool for Audiology and well equipped for digital consumption
Used for a course in basic audiology. Useful tool especially considering how well OCR is for this particular text. A
Review of Chapter 17 on Acoustic Immittance Measurements
In this chapter on multifrequency tympanometry Robert Margolis and Lisa Hunter Otolaryngology Department University of M
Good reference
Very good book that I made excellent use of while in school. I am here to purchase a new copy for my new office.
Five Stars
Excellent book

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